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Welcome to our JobTrack Customer Gateway!

McAdams Graphics' JobTrack System is designed to Streamline production and delivery of your products! By using the power of the Internet, we are able to extend JobTrack to our customers through easy to use and reliable Web pages. Security and efficiency is provided through our Customer Gateway. Please take a moment to learn about the features we currently provide our customers.

 Uploading of Digital Artwork and other Files.

With this feature, McAdams Graphics provides a method for our customers to securely and reliably transfer their data to McAdams Graphics. Our upload pages are guaranteed to work on all computer platforms and do not utilize messy logins, unreliable data transfer, and firewall issues such as those found with FTP and Email. Every upload allows multiple file transfers in one step and file sizes can be as large as 400 megabytes. Once the files are uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email and your Customer Service Representative will also be notified. You can also access your uploaded files at any time by referencing the ticket number that is assigned to you!

Viewing of your Ticket

All uploads are tracked via a 15-digit custom ticket number that is unique to your upload. You can be sure that only you will have access to your files! You can, however, forward this ticket number to colleagues and allow them access to your files. It is a great way to consolidate the location of your artwork! No more emailing copies to several individuals and wasting your valuable Internet bandwidth! Our Customer Service Representatives or your colleagues will access your files through your ticket number and can even respond to your message! Once a response is made, a small text notification is sent via email to the address you provided when you uploaded your files. You can then return to view your ticket and leave additional messages and/or upload additional files. This is a great way to coordinate communication and file transfer for the production of your job!

Request for Quote/Estimate

With this easy to fill out form, you can provide our Estimators with detailed specifications in a quick and efficient manner. Your information is sent via email immediatly upon pressing the Submit button. A confirmation email is sent back to you to provide you with a reciept of the transaction. You can be certain the Estimating Department gets the data they need to complete an accurate and timely estimate.

We at McAdams Graphics hope that we have provided an easy and reliable way for you to digitally transfer your production information. We understand that our users may encounter problems or have suggestions to improve our level of service. We value your opinions, questions, and comments. If you have any, we would like for you to take a moment and contact us:

Customer Service Department
Phone: (414)768-8080
Fax: (414)768-8099